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Resources for you!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Hello! This is a place where I will be adding resources that you can use repeatedly

...i.e..."I lost my scale sheet!"....."my dog ate my long tones!....

You may print these resources and make your own books or open them in the app ForScore on your phone or Ipad.


Download PDF • 465KB

Download PDF • 377KB

Major minor scales
Download PDF • 805KB

Arban Characteristic Studies
Download PDF • 5.30MB

Cichowicz Flow Studies
Download PDF • 9.41MB

Download • 22.18MB

Arban Part 1
Download PDF • 6.31MB

Arban Part 2
Download PDF • 6.25MB

Arban Part3
Download PDF • 6.34MB

Arban Part 4
Download PDF • 7.14MB

Clarke Technical Studies
Download PDF • 10.59MB

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