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Good to see you again!

Hello everyone!

Summer lessons are in full swing and we're IN PERSON! I'm immensely proud of the online work that you all did throughout the pandemic and equally excited to continue making music in person. I'll be continuing to offer online lessons as an option for your convenience, but it won't ever be my first choice. It's hard to replace hearing you and working with you side by side!

Having said that, I want to give you a quick update about our lessons moving forward. Since you're enjoying outdoor lessons, we'll continue outside, however, in the case of inclement weather, we'll move indoors and have lessons in the front room of my home as we have in the past. Please let me know if this presents a problem for you, otherwise, we'll make that determination in the moment.


-I'm currently teaching on Tuesday and Thursday's. I have some flexibility going forward and will probably add Saturdays in the fall. Please let me know your preferences so we can make sure to be consistent with your lessons.

-If you know any beginners who need some catch up work from beginning their first year of band in a pandemic, send them my way. I've developed a visual system for teaching beginners that has had amazing results in the studio and I'm excited to get more young players started out successfully.

And finally...

I've added premium t-shirts, sweatshirts and a few other items to the Studio Lee merchandise. The original sweatshirts are super soft, but these t-shirts should be much softer and more comfortable to wear than the classic t's offered before. I don't want anyone suffering in an itchy shirt when we get back to performing in public! Here's the link to order your Studio Lee merchandise:

Happy Practicing and I look forward to seeing you soon! --Kari

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