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It's Solo Time!

Hello everyone,

It's solo time! Although, we work together on solos throughout the year, I love the extra push we get from knowing that we'll be performing for our peers and a professional judge. It always motivates us to practice just a little bit harder-and that's a good thing!

I imagine that this school year has presented more than a few disappointments, and some of you are frustrated that performances will be remote or recorded this year. I challenge you to remember that these performances aren't just for others, but they're also for you. You get to keep what you learn in this process and add it to your playing moving forward.

With that in mind, please watch this (very short!) performance by Matthias Hofs. Hofs is a wonderful musician: beautiful tone and phrasing, flawless articulation and technique and an effortless approach. All in all, a stunning performer!

Listen to this performance and practice to add a few of Hofs' strengths to your own performance. ------Work to play effortlessly -relaxed and with good posture.

------Practice difficult passages repeatedly until you feel completely comfortable.

------Imagine what your solo should sound like and decide your musical phrasing.

Dig in, work hard and have fun! I look forward to hearing all of you perform in our studio solo classes. Information on those dates will be coming soon. Happy practicing! --Kari

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