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Hello all!

Today, I'm introducing you to a great jazz-rock band from the 70's called Chase! Their leader was a trumpeter named Bill Chase and he put together a jazz-rock band that was known for its many extra trumpets. Rock bands usually had one trumpet at the most and Chase sometimes had 4-5! The video I'm sending is a song called "Get it On" and upon hearing it, a reviewer said it was a "literal waterfall of trumpet timbre (sound) and technique." That sounds great, right?! What could be better than a waterfall of trumpet sound? I also add this because Bill Chase, who was an incredible lead trumpet player, attributes his great ability in the upper register to long tones. So, take a minute to listen to this great band, (at the very least, you'll get a big kick out of their haircuts and clothing)and then get out your long tones and start practicing! Enjoy!

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